Plastic Pollution In The Ocean Essay

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Plastic pollution in the ocean Introduction Rachel L. Carson said in her book “Water, soil, and the earth´s green mantle of plants make up the world that supports the animal life of the earth” (63). In other words, our planet was always a place which was dominated by nature and it had essential relations between plants and other plants and between plants and other animals (Carson, 1962). Since the modern human started to conquer the world a lot of things have changed and technology has taken over. My essay is about a quite new but very big problem which affects our wonderful planet; it is about plastic in the ocean. It was quite hard for me to choose a topic because I had to make a decision out of a big range of topics. The idea to write about plastic in the ocean came to me while I had a discussion with one of my classmates during a seminar of sustainable development. I chose this topic because I was already aware of…show more content…
Obviously the development of producing plastic went to quick and people did not think of a unified and sustainable way of how to dispose the huge amount of plastic. Unfortunately many countries decided to dispose all the garbage into the ocean but also ship accidents are a reason why so much plastic accumulated in our ocean. Every year more than eight million tons of plastic waste leak into the ocean. A big issue nowadays is that most of the plastic which is produced in one year is used to make disposable items of packaging or other short lived products that are discarded within a year (Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society, 2009). That means that our use of plastic is not sustainable at all. Plastic does not biodegrade; it degrades very slowly which is a very big problem because the debris will apparently persist for centuries in the ocean. The garbage remains in the ocean until they break into smaller and smaller pieces. (Marine Turtle Newspaper,

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