Plastic Reducing: The Importance Of Plastic Recycling

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The importance of plastics cannot be neglected. But one should be careful about disposing it after its use. One should not burn the waste without knowing the fact that the equipment is made up of which kind. Plastic waste can be sent to disposal plant where they are burnt in an incinerator because all plastics can be burnt without harming environment in the modern industrial incinerators which are built to high specifications. Electricity from the heat can be produced so in effect the plastic is recycled and the resources may be used efficiently. Dioxins and related compounds are extremely toxic substances, producing effects in human beings. Plastic waste burning is a major source of dioxins. Health care institutions should implement policies to reduce the use of PVC plastics, thus achieving major reduction in medically related dioxin formation. CHAPTER 8 LIMITATIONS 8.1 Limitations of Plastics Recycling: Plastics are much more complicated to recycle than other materials like paper, metal, and glass, in large part because of the many thousands of different types of plastics on the market. If plastic recycling is to work, makers must be ready to accept the material to make new products. For many years, communities and recyclers have struggled to create recycling programs for plastics with little success because of some issues which are discussed below. 8.1.1 Extensive Sorting is Required: Plastics are complex chemical compounds with thousands of different varieties. To

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