Plastic Should Be Banned Speech

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Paper or Plastic?
When shoppers carry their groceries home in plastic bags do they consider what effect they’re making on the environment? Every day more and more plastic bags are harming our environment by littering our streets and oceans. Plastic bags should banned because they are bad for the environment, they are dangerous towards animals, they do not decompose, and they get caught in storms drains and waterways.
Plastic bags are harming our environment. Plastic bags are in the top ten pieces of waste picked up on different beaches around the world. U.S. uses at least 100 billion plastic shopping bags annually. Many people forget to recycle and the plastic bags end up in the trash and then into the landfill or burned. Jamey Wagner
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Many animals die trying to eat plastic bags when they confuse the deadly shopping bags for food. When the animal believes they will be simply enjoying another meal their airway is cut off and they die an awful death. An example of this is, whales mistake the plastic floating about in the ocean as squid. Another example in an article by Jamey Wagner is, “Porpoises are the most common victim. Because they eat sea nettles and jellyfish they are the most likely to mistake the plastic bag for food.” (Wagner 1). Therefore all animals are clearly affected by the plastic floating around in the ocean. Large animals such as whales take in huge mouthfuls of water while eating and can accidentally swallow a plastic bag. After the plastic bag is swallowed and the whale dies, that is not end of the bag’s murderous journey. Once the whale has decayed the bag is free to kill other marine life many more years to follow. One plastic bag can potentially kill at least a single an animal every three months because of inhalation or digestion. Once the amount of plastic bags littered is considered, 1.5 million to 3 million, the extremely high amount of lives lost is realized. The death is not quick for any of them either, they will suffer a slow and excruciating death. This is because their digestive system becomes interrupted and the plastic causes intestinal blockage and toxicity. Each year unnecessary

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