Plastic Surgery Persuasive Essay

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Celebs today are clamouring to nip out the wobbly bits from their body, smoothen wrinkles, tuck that flab and tweak their hot bods to look hotter in front of the camera. Almost all celebs who ever tasted fame have had their bodies tweaked a time or two. Is plastic surgery a boon in disguise or a cosmetic catastrophe? Judge for yourself. Here is a rundown on hotties of Hollywood who not only look amazing post their cosmetic surgeries, but also got a definite bolster in their career.

Lady Gaga

Work done - Nose job, lip augmentation

Verdict - Lady Gaga had a prominently big nose, which overpowered her other dainty features. Post rhinoplasty, her new nose now perfectly balances her other delicate features. Not just that, she also had her upper lips puffed up a bit, which
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In her mid 40 's, the brunette star looks as svelte as ever. However, her hot quotient went shooting up further when she stepped out on the sets of "Cougar Town" sporting perky new breast implants. The best part about her implants is that they look perfectly natural; not overly large or disproportioned to her body. An image of Courtney Cox with her new boobs donned in a sexy bikini went viral; fans obviously don 't seem to get enough of her.

Jennifer Aniston

Work done - Nose job

Verdict - Jennifer Aniston has been lapping up compliments for her superb looks and spectacular physique. Just when you thought, she is that one star who would never fiddle with her angelic looks, you are proved sadly wrong, and guess what her fiddling only made her looks even more stunning. Her little too fat nose was tweaked into a petite small size, which dramatically altered her face for good. And best part about the surgery is that it doesn 't look fake. Post the surgery she bagged the biggest role of her lifetime, as Rachael Green in popular Friends series. She has never looked back in her career since then!

Betty White

Work done - Eyelid
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