The Influence Of Plastic Cosmetic Surgery

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Introduction: Plastic cosmetic surgery has very old history and it was first performed in 16th Century by Gaspare Tagliacozzi who reshaped a nose through his sword by putting the pieces of arm’s skin on the nose (Donohoe, 2016). Since then, the people had been inclined towards this practice and numerous surgeries related to cosmetic and plastic surgeries were conducted. The cosmetic surgery became more popular after the World War 2 era when the people started watching television and set criteria for idea body and image. Moreover, various face lifting, rhino-plastic surgeries and surgeries to improve the defects of accidents on face and body parts were conducted giving fame to this practice in different region of the world (Vlahos & Bove, 2016).…show more content…
According to Sperry, Thompson, Sarwer, & Cash, (2009) the role of media in shaping the views of patients is strong and spreading worldwide. Media, celebrities and increased notion of being perfect like magazine models is the motivation that leads to complicated surgeries even if the cosmetic surgery involves number of concerns, post-surgery issues and risks about health but women still choose to let their body parts altered for the sake of beauty (Davis, 2013). However, Suissa (2008) has explained that the body image concerns differentiate in societies, and cultural values have strong influence on decision of patients; where conservative societies do not accept cosmetic surgery and patients are discouraged by culture to avoid this practice except for strong medical…show more content…
People rely more on their looks and less on personal efforts for seeking opportunities. Moreover, it has become a symbol of self-esteem for younger generation. For this purpose, the medical mafia takes advantage of the weak point of the masses and issue statements that approves the safe cosmetic surgeries. However, this is not the case every time and consent forms are signed by the patients of taking full responsibility of the results. As the psychological issues have been developed, the governments need to develop criteria for cosmetic surgery and safe procedures should be ensured by setting standards in the hospitals and

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