Compare And Contrast Essay On Plastic Vs Paper

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Plastic bags and paper bags are used for various purposes such as for shopping, packaging, disposal, carrying and transporting of products from one place to another etc. Millions of people all over the world uses plastic bag as compared to paper bag because they are densely used everywhere (Cave, 2011).
The manufacturing process of plastic bags consumes less energy but they have an adverse effect on the environment than paper bags. These plastic bags are generated from the natural resources like petroleum as well as through natural gas because both resources are easily available in a plenty of amount and are cheaper than paper bags. However, paper bags are manufactured by the tree named as “Pulpwood” and they consumes 4 times more energy than plastic bags. Furthermore, the paper bags are more environmental friendly due to less harmful pollutants used in its production process than plastic bags (Dunn, 2008).
Plastic bags are used for packaging, carrying, shopping along with disposal purpose in
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The natural fibre used in the manufacturing process of paper bags and also it’s easily recyclability helps to reflects towards a positive portrait of paper bags (Bazerman et al, (1996)75). In the New Zealand, paper bags are offered as a substitute of plastic shopping bags. Therefore; it can be noticed that a large amount of stores in New Zealand give choice to their customers by showing paper bags for the marketing as well as branding purpose, instead of, the efficiency of resources. As compared to plastic bags, paper bags are often very expensive ( (ACG, 2006 ) (EPCH, 2007). Due to the lack of resources; currently, there is no incentive found for replacing plastic bags with paper bags. A forestry industry is a major and a vital industry that helps in the production and the recycling process of paper bags found in New Zealand (Personal Communication, MFE

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