Opinion On Plastic Waste Management

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Opinions on Plastic Waste Management

Everything that we are using right now starting from a very small container that is used to store foods to things that we use daily like mobile phones; make up, cups are all made out of plastic and will someday become a waste. According to the article inspiration green an estimated of 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide and takes 500 to 1000 years to decompose. Waste according to AVMA, “waste is everything that no longer has a use or purpose and needs to be disposed” (2016).
The purpose of this study is to find out what the harmful effects of plastic are and how one can minimize the use of plastics.
Plastic wastes are one of the major pollutants and with
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Using of paper bags to carry their things instead of plastic can make huge difference. They can use the newspapers which they buy daily and after reading it they can make it into a paper bag instead of buying plastic bags. Separation of plastic waste from other waste can also be one way to reduce pollutions created by plastics either by re-using those plastic bags or handling over the plastics for recycling.
Happy Chips Company in Bhutan they reuse the chips packets by offering 1 nu per packets to those who collect the plastic packets and hand it over to them for recycling which is indeed a very wise way to handle plastic waste.
Replacing plastic cups with paper cups can be seen as another way to reduce plastic. Be it in birthday parties or even having a cup of coffee in the school or office canteens people can go for paper cups and reduce the dependency on plastic cups. According to Institute of Sustainable communication it takes 50-80 years to decompose a plastic cup.
Also it will do a lot of good if the government and cooperate agents could educate not only the people in towns but also visiting villages and remote places where there is no television and to uneducated people on plastic waste management and spread the awareness about the disadvantages of using
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The sector accounts for 35% of plastic consumption. (Figure 1)
Conclusion and Recommendation on plastic waste management
Different innovations have come up to reduce the harmful effects of plastic on the environment in many countries. People use the plastic bags for just five minutes but that plastic bag takes 500 years to decompose. So, people should consider the harmful effects of plastic. These are some of the recommendations for the public:
 Best way is to follow the 3R’s ( Reduce, reuse and recycle) Reduce the use of plastics as far as possible, reuse the ones that are already being used and recycle the ones which are of no use for other good purposes.

 Use reusable produce bags and carry your own shopping basket rather than plastic bags.
 Buy laundry detergent and dish soap in boxes instead of plastic bottles since cardboard can be more easily recycled and made into more products than

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