Plastic Waste Of Plastics And Its Effects On The World

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Plastic has been use in nearly all over the world. It is used in nearly everything such as part of computer, tables, toys and more. For years it develop its usefulness, from something that people wants into things that people need. It will evolve and it will not stop helping our lives. They are strong, durable, some are clear, some are clean and also helpful. As it is required in huge amount of quantity, the waste of the plastic after been used are also huge. Those waste could be the plastic bags, plastic bottles, plastic cups, broken pieces of plastic and more. As it is collected and dump, it keeps piling up into a range of mountains of trashes . Those mountains of plastic aren’t going anywhere, aren’t going to decompose for years. Those pile will keep growing and grow till you can’t identify which one has been there for years. There are people that aware of that problems and took advantages of it, there are people who knows but didn’t care about it’s impact and there are people who doesn’t know about it. There are low amount of awareness about its impact toward the world and also to our lives. The lack of public awareness proceed regarding the issue of proper plastic waste disposal. Some nation’s businesses had started the recycling the plastic, but Jakarta citizens aren’t wisely organise waste by sorting out the plastic garbages. In general, there is still lack of awareness of people about this issue. This issue had been here for years and it keep growing. The require

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