Plat Aristotle And Aristotle's Philosophy Of Happiness And Happiness

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Aristotle is a philosophy whose main goal is to be happy or to find happiness also how you can be a better human bean. Aristotle 's also states that happiness is not what brings us Pleasure or Honor but contemplation. The way Aristotle 's sees pleasure and honor is wrong is because it only brings happiness for a short period. Not only that but everyone has different values and lifestyles that does not comply with everyone 's views of pleasure and honor the same way. Aristotle makes it clear that happiness should already be instilled in our brain, and that it 's not something people should achieve to fill complete or have happiness as a goal. Aristotle believes if you have an item and have a mix yourself with the item that it should be your property. For and example if you get a piece of paper and write in it making the paper yours because you are making effort on writing on the piece of paper making it your own allowing it to call it your own property.…show more content…
Plato views knowledge and virtues both as main priorities, he also states that we should have an ideal of reason someone who has the most knowledge to lead people. Plato also discusses that when we have an idea it 's not the idea rather than “what is”. What he means by that is our idea is ours and can 't replicate the perfect idea in physical form. Plato also goes by “the divided line”, which is split from realm of the intellect and materialism real which in life is categorizing people by their beliefs and values. With plato divided line it separated people into working groups as those who did not have a lot of knowledge/not smart should be people working the fields and those who were knowledgeable/smart should lead the

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