Essay Comparing Aristotle And Plato

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Both Plato and his student, Aristotle, wrote about friendship and love around two thousand and three hundred years ago. Both “The Symposium” by Plato and “Nicomachean Ethics” by Aristotle are great classics about love and friendship. Plato believes that love is a necessity in everyone’s life as it helps us gain happiness and courage in life, or even in death; while Aristotle considers friendship as the most important thing in mankind. Although Plato’s and Aristotle’s ideology is slightly different, both of their works bring out the importance of “eudaimonia” – the final aim which we all should achieve: to do something that can bring us happiness. Aristotle classifies friendship into three different types according to different kinds of affection:…show more content…
Different from Aristotle, Plato defines love as “possessing the good self eternally”. Aristotle focuses more on one’s desire/ mindset towards a relationship while Plato focuses more on the foundation of love. Plato believes that love should not be established on outer beauty but inner beauty. Also, we should look for “immortality” in love. It is interesting that Plato portrays the relationship between men only, but not the typical relationship between men and women. It may because Plato wants to stress more on the “original nature/ value” of love: love that is far away from physical desire (i.e. sex/ impressions towards one’s physical body). We should appreciate one’s spirit according to Plato. We love each other because we share the similar, or same values. Plato’s ideology can be applied in our daily lives: When we are making new friends, or choosing partners; we will see if we can get along with each other well. This can be examined through the conversations, or via the mutual interests between the two persons. If two share the same or similar values and interests, it is more likely for these people to become friends or couples since they can get along with each other. However, if you meet someone’s values or interests that are very different from yours, no matter how attractive or beautiful he/ she is, you will not be friend with that person because one’s “inner
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