Similarities Between Pluto And Socrates

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It is a theory given by Pluto in which he has tried to convey that what we sense and the reality can be poles apart. In his theory he gives an example of three prisoners who are held captive in a cave. They have never seen the world outside and can only see the shadows cast on the wall of the people passing by. They believe that the shadows are real objects due to their limited knowledge that is they assume it to be true.

Plato, here has compared the prisoners to human beings, even we judge things by their appearance. They play a guessing game to identify the objects and the winner is considered to be the clever one amongst them even though
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I believe that we human beings are just like the prisoners , we believe

what we perceive through our senses , that is we believe that ‘we know’ the truth. And Plato is right in comparing the prisoner who escaped to a philosopher. A philosopher is always searching for more, more specifically the truth ,he likes to explore the world beyond his senses. He is not scared to know the truth whereas other people are happy to live in the make believe world they have created . Also it is the duty of a philosopher to bring people out from the darkness and enlighten them with their knowledge.

In the modern day world, everybody is living a fast paced life which leave them with no time and energy to introspect. They simply accept things judging them on their face value rather than searching for a deeper meaning or pondering upon some basic questions about our existence. They do not bother to search for the truth or rather they are afraid that the truth is not what they think.

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