Plato And Socratic Dialogues In Plato's The Republic

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Philosophy is the science that possess many branches such as ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, physiology, epistemology and etc. nevertheless philosophy possess also politics which call political philosophy. Insofar Plato was one of the first philosophers and one of the first western thinkers who was student of Socrates and his influence on him for such a reason like that Plato discourse and wrote Socratic “Dialogues” in his book The Republic. The Republic contain number of subjects such as politics, education, psychology, epistemology, theory of virtue or the good life, justice, religion, aesthetics, and etc. In addition, Plato was in a high class family who had a political activities he was born in 428 B.C his father died during his childhood period, he had two brothers and one sister. However, after the death of…show more content…
In addition, now a days the Plato’s argument still in discussion for example recently the Iraqi prime minster Mr. Haider al-Abadi claim for a technocrat government and claim reform in government institutions. The ideal state is that state which governed by a philosophers including intellectual, educational, and philosophers people. Moreover the ideal society offered the guarantee of justice. People should be in their places based on their evaluations and degrees. So basically Plato pursuit for justice and maintaining it by social order and institutionalize the government. Minimizing the corruption and maximizing the justice, in an ideal state those who valued the justice and truth would rule, so basically when the society rich that level of development and justice at that certain of point the entire community would attain political harmony and social justice add to the improvement in standard of
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