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(Argue against three positions from Plato)
The Athenian philosopher Plato is said to be one of the most important figures of the Ancient Greek world. It could also be argued that he is one of the most important figures in the entire history of Western thought. In his many written dialogues, he expands the ideas and different techniques of his teacher, Socrates, of thirty years. Plato’s way of living was to ask ruthless questions that made you think about the reason you are living and why you are the way you are. Plato writes of Socrates, and the beliefs they share, in Republic where he explores the ideal soul of a nation and of an individual. He believes that there is a certain way that people should be and act. Plato discusses the question
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Plato thinks that the ideal man should be a philosopher, and you cannot become a true philosopher without fifty or more years of the right education. “Like the ancient philosophers, Jefferson regarded education as essential to the establishment and maintenance of a good polity -- Plato, in "The Republic," spends many pages on the nature of the citizens ' education.” (Kagan). There are many things that are wrong with this. First of all, there is no such thing as an ideal man. If there is one thing that is true of human beings, is that not even one of us is perfect. You are what you want to be, and you define what the best is for you personally. Secondly, how you get there is on your own terms. Every person is unique in their own way, which means they go at their own pace and have abilities unlike anyone else. Who says that being a philosopher is the best thing you can be? That is formed by your own opinion and thought. Socrates says that you will go back and work, after you are almost done with your full education. I believe that you must be working the entire time, no matter what you want to become. There are so many options and way to become successful, and you don’t have to reach that success by going off of what Plato says your education should look like. You make your own…show more content…
Everything you read in that dialogue can be taken differently by different people. It all depends on how you interpret the writing. Plato and Socrates, somewhat identical, is known to be one of the best philosophers in history, and that is because of his many ideas and different positions on how to live your life he gives. No matter how read these ideas, you have the right to agree or disagree on what he says.
I, myself, respect all the Plato has said and taught, but I do disagree on some of what he says. I can argue, in my own way, that his ideas do not make sense. Others do not have to agree with me, but it is what I believe. I am sticking with what I say and think because I decide what kind of individual I want to be, whether it be ideal or
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