Plato By Plato: Explain The Idea Philosopher King?

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1.Explain the idea philosopher king? According Plato,by Book of the Republic, there is a systematic issue because the book of Republic is trying to explain and analyze problems and human behavior on justice and moral values. Plato thought the ideal of a states must ruled by philosopher (philosopher king) , The philosophy must should be a leader because the philosophers were able to form a states ideal and fair . Only Philosopher king understand the moral value and know the real virtue. Through that the virtue of justice can able the leader to control the administration of the states with justice and fair. “I said: ’Until philosophers are kings, or the kings and princes of this world have the spirit and power of philosophy, and political greatness and wisdom meet in one, and those commoner natures who pursue either to the exclusion of the other are compelled to stand aside, cities will never have rest from their evils,–nor the human race, as I believe,–and then only will this our State have a possibility of life and behold the light of day.’ Such was the thought, my dear Glaucon, which I would fain have uttered if it had not seemed too extravagant; for to be convinced that in no other State can there be happiness private or public is indeed a hard thing” (plato, p. 333) This shows only the Philosopher know the real value of virtue and understanding of the problems of society itself with the knowledge and character they have to be able to organize and provide justice to the
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