Injustice In A Rhetorical Speech

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Evolution of the human language has created unity in societies, communities and the population but it has always had the power of persuasion at the very beginning. People have always been influenced by others because of their expertise in rhetorical skills. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X, and Donald Trump have had a group of followers because their supporters were caught by their persuasion of their speech. Adolf Hitler was followed due to his prowess in rhetorical speeches considering his past of quitting art school and imprisonment. In the dialogue “Plato Gorgias” Rhetoric is debated whether it is an art or not by Socrates and Gorgias. Socrates provokes Gorgias and his group of followers to learn from their viewpoint of rhetoric as an art…show more content…
doing injustice. In the Dialogue of “Plato Gorgias”, Socrates is talking with Polus another of Gorgias’s followers about whether someone had to choose whether to suffer injustice or do injustice. Socrates asks “Which seems to you, Polus, to be worse, doing injustice or suffering injustice” (474c). Polus would rather do injustice but Socrates follows up with “Which is more shameful?”(474c). The more shameful option would be doing injustice because it is morally wrong to cause injustice. Socrates would rather suffer from injustice for the sole reason of not being shameful. This a turning point of the people welcoming injustice as they would realize that their actions have effects not only to the sufferer but to themselves. In an event where suffering and doing injustice has happened, two types of pain are inflicted on both sides. The sufferer would feel the unjust pain that was given to them. As for the doer of injustice, they would feel emotional pain. The emotional pain is the pain of regret, sorrow, and guilt that they feel after inflicting pain onto another person. “I nor you nor any other human beings would welcome doing injustice rather than suffering injustice, for it happens to be worse”. (475e) The pain of guilt has affected many people realizing that they did more pain to themselves than the sufferer that was inflicted pain. Issues today have shown both side into suffering and doing injustice. Black people are being targeted by white police because blacks appear to be frightening thus causing innocent black lives casualties. Racial issues cause racial tensions that lead to doing injustice and suffering from it. Clearly shooting an unarmed black male was not the best decision however the decision of shooting an innocent unarmed black person will haunt them for the rest of their life. Justice and order needs to be considered at times
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