Plato: The Impact Of Plato's View On Politics

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Plato an ancient Greek philosopher, whose philosophical work influenced the founding of western thought. Born in 427 B.C in the town of Athens, during the time of the Peloponnesian War Plato witness the collapse of Athenian democracy and emergence of an Oligarchy, establish by the Spartan. The repressive system of government was known as the “the thirty” the thirty were elected officials who managed all of Athens affairs. However, the end result of the thirty was repressive governing for the Athenian people who were accustom to democracy. This was one major event, that had a profound impact on Plato life, due to the unjust ruling placed upon the Athenian people, by 403 B.C democracy was restored once again and Plato had an interest in politics, however, at 399 B.C Plato teacher Socrates was trailed and executed to death. Plato life events had an impactful disposition towards his career in philosophy.
The Republic of Plato, by Allan Bloom translate Plato work and ultimately describes what were Plato’s thoughts on politics and offers a constructive review on ethics. Due to how extensive The Republic is, there is going to be selective choosing of dialogues in order to understand Plato political opinion. The republic begins with “Socrates: I went down to the Piraeus yesterday with Glaucon, son of Ariston, to pray to the goddess” the Piraeus was the port city of Athens where commerce was exchange, however the Piraeus was not a place of knowledge, because only Athenian citizens

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