Plato: The Love Of Philosophy

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Philosophy (Philosophia) is simply the love of wisdom. Logic/Ethics/physics= Philosophy. Plato (428BCE-347) was born in Athens and was a student of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle. Plato lived in what is widely known as the classical Greek period. Little is known about Plato’s background but he comes from a wealthy family and had a great education. He even served in the military from 409BC-404BC. Plato’s father died at a young age and his mother then married her uncle. When he was a young boy he studied music and poetry and greatly considered a life and career among politics but on meeting Socrates he drifted him away from this idea and instead Plato took on a life of philosophy. ‘At Socrates discipline, Plato adopted his philosophy and style of debate and directed his studies towards the question of virtue and the formation of a noble character’. He was greatly influenced by Socrates, Heraclitus and Parmenides. ‘He mixed together in his works the arguments of Heraclitus, the Pythagoreans and Socrates. Regarding the sensible he borrows from Heraclitus, regarding the intelligible from Pythagoras and regarding politics from Socrates’ (D.L.3.8). After Socrates death Plato left Athens and began to travel. When Plato finally returned to Athens he founded the Academy which was a school for learners. This is how we got our word “academic”. Subjects in the academy included biology, politics, philosophy, mathematics and astronomy.
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