Compare And Contrast Plato And The Allegory Of The Cave

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Why do we exist? When was the start of the humanity? Not all the questions we had, have a concrete answer. But the philosophy will respond to all the question. For the philosophers there is an answer for all. The most important ones were Plato and Socrates, although there were too many like the Pre-Socratics that learned from the men before. They were an inspiration for a lot of people. They want to let us know the importance of some terms like, cosmology, cosmogony, pluralism… the complex concepts for explain the answers. According to the Allegory of the cave two important term that are explained are the rationalism and empiricism. This term were related with sensorial experience that the people have with the outside (empiricism), and the knowledge that have the people in their brains (rationalism), where there are a connection with the seventh book wrote by Plato. Where want to explain that we already know the facts we born knowing things.…show more content…
The big idea that is nature for the education. Many Pre-Socrates have relation with the ideas of Plato on the Allegory of the Cave. Some of them have an idea of one element in nature as Thales have water or Xenophanes with the earth. Relating to Plato we have to learn of nature and with the simplicity. When the prisoner open his eyes the light was a big dial for him because he was not use to but slowly he adopt the luminosity, he was ready to watch toward the sky and the sun. And he understood that the sun was the cause, the sun represents the good and with the capacity he has of knowledge he learn that

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