Platoon By Chris Taylor Analysis

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The cruelty of life can change one’s perspective of the world. When people experience difficulties in life, like loss and grief, they sometimes struggle to come to terms with the sadness and the truths of reality. Some may become traumatized and tempted to get a revenge due to the sudden loss in order to cope with the sadness within oneself and sometimes may become stuck. In the anti-war film Platoon written by Oliver Stone, Chris Taylor is a naive adolescent, who volunteers to go to war to fight for his country due to his moral obligation. The death of his mentor named Elias completely ends the remainder of the innocence that Chris once had, but additionally, he has become the reluctant to leave the war at the end of the film. Chris Taylor’s view of war is unrealistic, and stereotypical at the beginning of the film. The amount of inhuman events that he has faced is a representation of what war does to innocent people. From the beginning to the end, Chris Taylor had changed from an innocent young boy to the moment that he had no other option but to lose the innocence that was once given to him. Throughout the film, the author reveals Chris Taylor’s struggles and ultimate failure to restrain the loss of innocence; the author crafts Chris in such a way that he is continually stuck between the humanity and inhumanity side of him. The author uses Chris Taylor’s struggle to convey the message that in war, the loss of humanity is incapable to be restored despite
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