Plato's Apology Of Socrates Analysis

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STEP ONE: When we are considering information as feasible, we must look into where the information is derived from. Receive partial information is not going to be helpful enough to create a stance on a topic. Without all the information we are unable to give the correct answer to a question that may be asked in trial. In this quote by Rebecca Goldstein’s book, “Democritus would also have to put in long hours in the lab, devising experiments under carefully controlled conditions, and taking measurements by means of instruments designed to extract precisely the right information” (Page 62 paragraph 1). This quote gives the exact reason for having the correct tools is necessary. Without the correct tools at hand we are unable to see if the information…show more content…
This made sense because without Socrates able to be available to give his correct reason of saying what he said the information ahead could be skewed. Thus leading to more confusion and misleading information to be butchered by one who does not fully understand what is at hand. This step will help keep order and give more insight to what is being said by both parties. 
STEP THREE: Once the information is received we must look into what is “hot air” and relevant to the…show more content…
When all the information is at hand we must pick out what is important and what is not important. As Harry states in the book, “When we characterize talk as hot air, we mean that what comes out of the speaker’s mouth is only that. It is mere vapor. His speech is empty, without substance or content. His use of language, accordingly, does not contribute to the purpose it purports to serve” (page 53 para 1). This means that it can be available but not important enough to be talked about in certain circumstances. I read about unnecessary information in a book by Harry G. Fankfurt that helps formulate what is important and what is not important. The idea of having information is helpful when building a case. But, if that information is going to not accelerate the process at hand it is not going to be important enough to have. This helps with the non-sense and getting to the part of the information that is important in the process of moving the case along. STEP FOUR: When all of the information has been sought through, we must analyze the information to create a Final
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