Plato's Apology: Socrates Ideas And Beliefs

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Plato’s Apology Response Paper Introduction The response paper on The Apology will discuss the various ideas that Socrates came up with in his book. First and foremost, the essay will discuss his philosophy regarding human traits such as human wisdom, an excellent speaker, death and unexamined life. The above Socrates ideas are significant in human lives, and therefore I will explain my opinion relating to them. In the climax, the response paper will discuss how these ideas and teachings have affected the world at large, having read the book. Socrates Ideas, Values and Meanings Socrates philosophy talks about several values accredited to human beings. He based them on the people who accused him concerning his teachings. For example, Socrates gives his thoughts concerning the traits of an excellent speaker, mortality, human wisdom and unexamined life. Below is the discussion of these issues. Excellent Speaker According to Socrates, a clever speaker is the one who talks the truth and is an orator like himself. Socrates asserts that phrases and words adorn the speech f a good speaker. Words and phrases adorn beautifully spoken speeches. Furthermore, Socrates characterizes an excellent speaker with randomly spoken words and the one who does not fabricate speeches in the way that most youths do. Lastly, Socrates considers orators to have a virtue of speaking things that can are justifiable and speak the truth. ALMARRI Real State of Human Beings Socrates states that people

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