Plato's Concept Of The Noble Lie

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The concept of the Noble Lie is presented by Plato in the Republic. In Republic, Plato is engaged in creating an ideal political community, through the noble lie. The Noble Lie, ironically, despite being a lie, is still recognized as ‘noble’ by Plato since it aims to promote social welfare and harmony amongst the citizens. Plato’s idea of the noble lie led to the division of citizens into three distinct categories, namely, the rulers, the auxiliaries and the workmen . This paper will argue that Socrates principle of the Noble Lie must be considered justifiable under circumstances in which it intends to achieve moral ends.
Plato proposes that in order to function the noble lie effectively, the citizens must be persuaded to believe that their political role was chosen prior to birth, due to the composition of gold, silver or bronze in their souls . This gives rise to the ‘’Myth of Metals’’ , which states that every citizen is born from the earth and must regard the native soul as their mother. The citizens possessing gold and silver are the most honored and qualified to rule, whereas a workman takes no part in protecting or governing the city and carry on all necessary lines of work. The city state must be ruled by the philosopher kings who belong to the category of rulers and possess a high degree of knowledge and are capable of identifying the activities that promote the welfare of the entire society. The philosopher kings must be chosen from amongst the class of
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