Plato's Crito: Analyzing The Crito

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Within this essay I will be anylyzing the Crito in Plato’s five dialogues. In this portion of the book, Socrates has been confined in a prison due to his misfortunate trail, where he was unjustly accused of corrupting the youth, and failing to acknowledge the gods that the city acknowledges. Here he waits for his execution, and contemplates escaping prison to save his own life with Crito. Crito, who is a dear friend and follower of Socrates teachings, attempts to sway Socrates away from his decision of accepting his fate. By the end of this conversation Socrates decides to stay on the path God has laid out for him, and go through with his execution. I agree with Socrates choice to accept his execution, I will explain why in this further anylysis…show more content…
The awnser to this question lies my opinion also on how Socrates made his choice. Take for instance a murderer is punished to death and guilty of his crimes, he should be punished not only to be just and reprimand him for his actions, but also to protect the lives of other people from getting hurt. In Socrates situation, he is unjustly accused of corrupting the youth and failing to acknowledge the gods his city acknowledged. This in opinioin is not only a real crime but the crime even if he truly committed it does not match the punishment. To conclude, Socrates in some peoples eyes may seem that the right thing for him to do is to escape and save his own life, even though he would be ricking the the lives of his friends and family and inevitably be caught later on down the road the face once again the same situation. In my opinion, Socrates made the right decision. Staying imprisioned and accepting his fate not only protects the life of other but also stands by his beliefs of not repaying a wrong action with a wrong action. Socrates sticking by his choice to follow the path God intended him, shows how wise he truly is and for that I believe he has made the right choice and I agree with
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