Plato's Dualism Research Paper

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Metaphysics deals with abstract issues but its concerns arise out of everyday experiences. An example of this is if you see something from a far and you think it’s a dog but when you get close is a bush. It appears to be a thing but it is something different. The question is what is genuinely or really real presupposes a distinction between appearance and reality. Metaphysics that distinction and ask if something in the world appear to be real but turn out not to be what about the world itself the universe appearance or reality. Plato’s dualism argued that reality could be divided into two radically different parts. There is reality of Matter characterized by change. There is reality of Form characterized by: PERMANENCE being it is immaterial and of greater value than the material. Along with this dualism, He taught SOUL-BODY DUALISM that human beings are composed of bodies and souls. Plato’s idealism For Plato, one power that our souls have is the power of thought. Our minds and souls are immaterial in contrast…show more content…
We go to school to have the material things most people only go to school for that reason not for knowledge. Most people risk there life to have have material thing. No one want the million dollars in there head they rather have one real dollar in real life. In to days world success comes from material things noting else matters if you don’t have material things. The Allegory of the Cave attempts at explaining some aspect of the way people think or why humans do as observed. cave illustrate the same idea: without necessary and proper exposure to change, thinking is limited and ignorance is the direct product. We can compare this to the internet once someone discovers it it opens a new world to theme. Aristotle’s Understanding of Existence beliefs that the world we know with our senses does not keep us from reality but is

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