Plato Good Life Analysis

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Berfu Çağla Ceylan

The Republic which is written by Plato is an examination of ‘’good life and ideal city state”; the harmony reached by applying social settings of an ideal republic. The book starts with dialogue between Socrates who is known as Plato’s mentor and other fellow citizens. In the Republic, through Socrates' difficult and logical questions and explanations on his arguments about how a city should ideally be and how people have a good life, the reader comes to understand what Plato's model society would look like. According to Socrates, the existence reason of the city is not only assure the citizens life but also make sure to enable their access to happiness, provide a good life according to ethos as
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Why i also believe that claim because The Republic is constructed in such a way that supports and reinforces the need for philosopher kings because thanks to them the “theoretical city” is brought to life and real happiness of community is attained. It is significant to realize that Plato understands his utopia only as a notion but not as a political trueness. I will expand on these thoughts on the basis of the description of justice, and the formation of philosophers to create and rule the “theoretical city”. Plato’s basis reason for correction the Republic was to develop the Athenian democracy which at that time was inconsistent, leading form anarchy to tyranny (324b-325c). However fundamentally Plato thought that the reason for this inconsistency was an consequence of no “competent leadership” (501b) with suitable ability and ethics. The Republic for this reason in the first several books looks at the description of justice. This is the big question which forces Socrates wander from person to person asking “what is justice”. The descriptions given by Cephalus, Thrasymachus, and Polemarchus are not enough since each one of them is just an idea. Hence Socrates completes that justice is “concerns no ordinary topic but the way we ought to live” (352d). And if we have to live according to the justice which is merit and kindness in an organised politically state concerning everyone’s interest, we need philosophers who comprehend that notion learnedly. I believe that it is possible because The other important part to the question is that why should philosophers govern the Kallipolis. Plato thought that an ideal state, pointing out the ultimate and best abilities of human social life, can actually be acquired, if the right people are put in charge. Since i believe that the key to the success of the
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