Plato's Ring Of Gyges Analysis

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Sarai Gonzalez Merrill Ethics Sept.19,2016 Plato’s Ring of Gyges I would have to say the point of Plato’s Ring of Gyges, in my opinion, is that we are the same in a logical reason. This story is to layout that a ring would corrupt a moral person and the reason why they are acting morally is that are scared of being caught. For reasons that will justify that to do injustice is good, and to suffer injustice is evil. We have done both, experienced both, and cannot avoid it even if we try. I have to say Glaucon is right, he says we (humans) act normally because we are scared of punishment. Say a sense of punishment was not at existence, then we would do whatever we please when we pleased. Imagine living in a world without rules, I honestly will…show more content…
We should then catch the just man in the act of following the same path as the unjust man on account of the advantage that every nature is led by its very nature to pursue as good, being diverted only by force of law toward the esteem of the equal. The license I am talking about would be supremely such if they were given the very same power as is said to have been given in the past to the ancestor of Gyges the Lydian. ( Basically, we must do injustice to know what justice is, doing as you wish finding out which will lead to what. The just does not always appear “good” or “fair” and “just”, whatever brought you to justice could be “bad” or “unfair” and “unjust”, depending what was led before. Egoism is egoism is “the theory that one’s self is, or should be, the motivation and the goal of one’s own action.” ( Egoism is a persons self-interest. Plato’s point is that an ideal society that is made up of three main classes of people and they each must perform their appropriate function. He says every soul of every individual
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