Plato's Summary: The Allegory Of The Cave

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The Allegory of The Cave In the allegory Plato is trying to tell us is that in life we think we know what reality is because of what we see, but what if that is all an illusion? We are never going to be able to see the real things if we are kept inside a box, in this case inside a cave. We got to step out of the cave, our comfort zone. And when we finally step out we will be able to see the real world, we will have a panoramic view. Imagine living in a small town and never going out. What you see is all you think it exists but what if we go outside the town, now we are outside the world. Then we will see that what we thought we knew was not all, it was all we could see but not all that exists. Our mind is like time , you can not go back. What I mean is that once you know something you can not not know it. It is like the first time you do something, you can only have one first time in things. Let me be more clear, an event can happen several times but the first time you live it will always be the first time, of course there can…show more content…
Its all about beliefs if you ask me I would say that we do live in a matrix and are hook up into an experience machine, for me this would be God’s creation. We can not prove this is true but we also can not prove it is not. We think that what we perceive is real, because we touch, see, smell, hear or and taste it. But this are only signs that our brain gives us. What if nothing is real and it is all an illusion? And we are just connected by an experience machine that creates this images and send signs to our brains that makes us think we are seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, and or tasting. If you think about it even though it sounds crazy it makes sense if you believe in God. But what if you do not, or do not believe that we do live in a matrix? Then you would have to answer to the questions that the humanity has make for centuries. From where do I come? Who am I? And why am I
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