Plato's The Republic: The Dream World Of Education

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In The Republic, Plato wrote about the dream world of education. In his vision, every child can start school life in the same way. Over time and through certain tests, they are proven feasible to proceed to a higher level separated from those who seem to need to work harder to be successful. They were selected, namely those who are eligible to continue their education, and methodological forged slowly until eventually will bring a new group left and actually qualified to be able to lead society. Those who are outside the selected community can then be directed to fill the social positions in society. Plato 's dream was never realized because it is almost impossible to make all educational institutions to provide education to students with exactly the same. Nevertheless, Plato is then developed and affect the mindset of education providers thereafter. One thing that seems then became general understanding around the world is that education is a good thing, it is important, and should be pursued by everyone. The motivation underlying the importance of education can vary. A person can pursue education because it felt he needed it, or because you want to change the status and social conditions, or simply want to see their children can pursue the dream of a better future for themselves, or perhaps a mix of all the motivation. In a culture of democracy and capitalism as in the United States too, the importance of education and equality of all citizens in terms of the right to
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