Plato's Theory Of Aristotle: The Allegory Of The Cave

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WRITE ON PLATO’S THEORY OF KNOWLEDGE Plato was Born in Athens around the time 428 B.C. 'He was educated in philosophy, poetry and gymnastics by distinguished Athenian teachers including the philosopher Cratylus. ' However base on my understanding it was another Greek philosopher, name Socrates who would have more influence and inspiration on Plato 's thinking and writings, along with the times in which he lived. 'Plato in his writings explored justice, beauty and equality, his writings also contained discussions in aesthetics, political philosophy, theology, cosmology, epistemology and the philosophy of language. ' His most important writings called Dialogues touched upon almost every problem that had occupied philosophers in his time and even now in this present time. These dialogues are written using a dialectical method, which is a method of thinking used by Socrates to come up with a definition, which is a clear and fixed idea. In other words the 'Truth ' 'He used these dialogues to convey and expand on the ideas and techniques of his teacher Socrates. ' In answering the above question though, We need to look at the branch of Philosophy that deals with Knowing, and that is epistemology. Then using Plato 's Dialogues, the Republic, especially book seven which is the Allegory of the Cave, the Theaetetus and the divided line ,I will attempt to explain Plato 's Theory of knowledge. Epistemology is defined as: 'Epistemology comes from two Greek words
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