Plato's Theory Of Poverty

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Poverty is a multidimensional approach to a well-being. According to the world bank data, poverty refers to lack of capabilities and thus resulting to inadequate income or education, or poor health, or insecurity or low self-confidence, or a sense of powerlessness, or absence of rights such as freedom of speech. Poverty is then related to, but distinct from, inequality and vulnerability. Based on the allegory of the cave, Plato provides possible solutions to human well-being especially for those who are entangled with their culture and tradition and the liberals. That through the enlightenment a person would be able to transcend the ignorance and bring the knowledge into practice in solving problems in our society today more so, among Akamba…show more content…
Many however, have resolved to stop productive activity and only anticipate aids from well-wishers and this has worsened the food situation among Akamba community. Plato’s theory of education if well put into practice would indeed relieve the Kamba community from this condition of spoon feeding where they could apply the solution to this through proper education. Education that liberate them from ignorance. The Plato’s theory indeed will offer a practical solution by liberate all people in this community to cultivate their intellectual discipline to solving this problem since an individual educated is a society represented and this would bring much awareness on the food security. Food security is attained through proper training just like the guardians whereby producers and consumers understand the modern methods of farming machineries and stores for future use in case of surplus in production. In fact, this would be a long- lasting solution to food insecurity among the Kamba…show more content…
That which fulfill the needs in the society and provide appropriate and long-term solutions to them. As we will see in this paper one of the means of poverty eradication is through proper education, an education that keeps the soul happy. The solution comes with the change of mentality and readiness to embrace the relevant practical needs in the production process. The capacity of knowledge is indeed in everyone mind, the mind only needs to be oriented through education according to plato in the republic 518c. This study will evaluate the role of education according to Plato in solving food shortage among the Kamba community. The topic will provide the measures and methods for solving the food menace among the Kamba community and Kenya at large. Furthermore, this activity will enlighten the community to get out of the cave and come to learn the valuables natures has for them and for their survival in harmony with the nature they need proper mental orientation through education. By the end process the solutions would be provided through the capacity building for the society as a

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