Plato's View On Justice

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The purpose of this assignment is to critically analyse the question what is justice? This work will include looking at justice as a conduct and character which will help me to understand the overall just society and just individual. I will be focusing on Plato’s view on just state and the character of individual he believes is just. I then will continue analyzing the question on justice by looking at justice as a conduct, which will examine the question what is the right thing to do? In order to understand the question, I will be concentrating on two different approaches by Consequentialism and Deontologist.
There is no straightforward or simple answer to the question: What is justice? Justice has been an ongoing traditional
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In Plato’s state each individual have a set of obligations in the community and therefore if everyone achieves them this will result in balanced and happy whole. If person fulfills those specific duties in return they will get credit and failure to do so will result in appropriate punishment. For Plato this was justice and excess of any kind, were unjust (Wright, 2014). Therefore justice for the individual is exactly the same as it is for the state, as Plato did not see as one morality being for individual and another to state (Literary Articles,…show more content…
The idea was that the right thing to do and the just thing to do are to maximize utility. It’s important that there is balance of pleasure over pain and happiness over suffering. He saw that people are managed by two masters which are pleasure and pain. As we don’t like the pain the right thing to do is to maximize and act in the way that maximizes the happiness of the whole (Harvard University, 2009).
For example the ‘Life Boat Case’ the famous English case about four men being trapped on the boat with no fresh water or food. In order to get food they decided that they should sacrifice one to save the many (Sandel, 2011).Utilitarian’s believe that outcome of our actions guide us to what is the right thing to do. Therefore in some cases it is our necessity to sacrifice some in order to provide the best consequences overall (Christman, 2011).

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