Platypuses Persuasive Speech

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Have you ever seen a duck, otter, and beaver all mashed into one animal? That would be a platypus, not a figure of your imagination. The plural of platypus is either platypuses or platypi it doesn’t matter. They were first discovered by an unknown “taxidermist”, at first scientist thought he has sewn a duck, beaver, and otter together to fool them. Therefore the went to go find this “made up creature” and found some in eastern Australia.
The platypus is considered a mammal even though they don’t give live birth. How you ask, this species follows all the characteristics and rules to be a mammal such as; they have fur, they are warm blooded, and they nurse their young. In the entire world there are only three types of mammals that lay eggs. Platypi are so short because their legs don’t grow straight down like ours, they grow out to the sides. Only male platypuses have these secret venom glands, the venom is used for mating attractant and for self-defense. Carnivores eat meat and platypuses don’t have teeth, so how do they eat?. Since they have no teeth they can’t chew the meat, so they have to grind it up with nearby stones or sticks. Don’t be afraid when you see a platypus not like they’ll just go up on
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As rare as it is to see a mixture of three animals combined in one they aren’t terribly hard to find. Male platypuses have this venom gland that is on their hind feet. Venom is used for mating attractant and protection. Before seeing a living one they mistook it for a mix of 3 different animals someone sewn together. Incredibly they among the 3 mammals that don’t give live births, they are considered mammals because they do and have everything a mammal does besides that one thing. You might think they are a huge species, they only average out at about 15 inches from head to rump with the tail adding an additional 5 inches, and weighs about 3 pounds. Size depends on the climate of where they
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