Playground Advantages And Disadvantages

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The playground selected is an outdoor playground found at Blk 233 Bain Street (Figure 1.1), which is a quarter of the size of a basketball court. This is a public playground consisting of two slides with five entrances and exits, as seen from Figures 1.2 to 1.4. It is frequently used by children as it is linked to housing estates and is next to an exercise area for adults. This playground is more suitable for Kindergarten One and Two children, from four to six years old. Based on the checklist, this playground has many pros and cons. This playground allows children to have active motor play, be involved in creative and constructive play and be human (Greenman, 2007). However, due to the lack in variety of structures, children are less likely to be involved in environmental play and growing activities. For spatial organisation, the playground allows many social, active motor and creative play. There are many opportunities for turn-taking to occur, such as going up the stairs and down the slides. The playground also promotes interaction as it features a hopscotch that allows children to play together (Figure 1.5). Furthermore, it has sufficient space for children to run about (Figure 1.6). With sufficient space, children will be more involved when playing at the playground. A music area is also available for children to play and create music on their own or even follow the notes given (Figure 1.7). This is very child-friendly because it is child-sized and the
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