Playground Disadvantages

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Let your child take advantage of the playground
The only benefits of getting children to play on the playground are not just them having a chance to release their built up energy and be out of the house for a while and break up the day but there are more of it.
Here are 7 surprising advantages of taking your youngster to the play area you never knew about:
1. It establishes dynamic way of life
In the playground children get the chance to do various physical activities such as running, jumping, swinging, and climbing. And as they are having a fabulous time, without them realizing, their muscles and cardiovascular system get a good workout. .
If you make going to the playground regular, they will want to do physical activities and stay fit all their life.
2. It offers children an opportunity to socialize
The playground is one good place to socialize with kids at all ages. Rarely the playground could be empty without any kids, yet most of the time kids are there, especially on weekends there could be plenty. By letting your children play with other children they meet for the very first time, help your children learn how to be a friendly person even towards unknown people.
It will also make them leave their comfort zone and play with somebody other than you or their sisters or brothers who are already comfortable for them to hang out with. As you keep your eyes on them and make sure they are alright, they know that you are accessible whenever they need you. Play areas are
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