Stereotypes In The Classroom: Case Study

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“In a 2012 study titled Playgrounds and Prejudice, researchers from the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network asked a national sample of elementary-grade teachers if they included LGBT examples when teaching about family. Eight of 10 said no.” It has been six years from this from this study and stereotypes are still a prominent in the classroom. Racial or ethnic stereotypes, gender stereotypes, and Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, (LGBT), stereotypes are just three examples of the stereotypes that could be identified in a classroom. Ethic stereotypes are apparent the case study that 285 students were asked to read. To celebrate diversity, the school’s Diversity Committee sponsored a Multicultural Day. Ms. Hulak was concerned that two of her students would be teased if she allowed them to participate in the Cultural Parade with the clothes they brought. However, this parade might reinforce stereotypes because of the confusion already present in the two girls. Also, I do not believe that “costume” was the correct word to use in this context. “School is the basic educational institution that shapes all children who attend formal education, exposing them to general knowledge and concepts of citizenship behavior” (Çela, 2016, 553). I…show more content…
In order to promote diversity and take down stereotypes, parents should have been aware of the Cultural Parade to educate their children on their background. By doing so, the problem with Keisha and Emily would have been avoided. Before the event, Ms. Hulak could have assigned the class to create a poster board or a simple flyer of their heritage. The students could have gotten creative with this project and use other items from their culture into the board. The Cultural Parade can be beneficial to students to teach about diversity, but other projects should accompany Multicultural
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