Playing God In Mary Shelly's Frankenstein

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In today’s world science and technology has caused a big concern over the topic of people playing God and the negative results from it. Bio-Engineering, Cloning, and Genetically modified organisms are examples of fields in which humans are exponentially accelerating in. This is causing humans to lose faith in religion and turn towards science for answers. Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein is about a mad scientist that creates a grotesque monster who is full of life and shares human traits. Over time the monster learns how to think abstractly and speaks English fluently. This proves too much for Victor Frankenstein when the monster kills three of his family members, and two of his dear friends. After this, Frankenstein swears revenge on the monster and spends his life trying to kill him. Despite his flaws Shelly gives the reader an insight of Frankenstein’s…show more content…
This is similar to how God delivers divine retribution to his creation. This is all in vain when Victor dies after a miserable life of guilt, shame, paranoia, and tragedy. After spending so much time learning the secret to life, Victor spends a lot of time trying to destroy the very thing that he creates. Shelly does this to inform the reader that some mysteries are not worth pursuing. Frankenstein punishes himself, his family and his consciousness suffered because of his arrogance of trying to have the power of God. The consequences of playing God is the cost of human life, even though Victor gave life to one creature, he is responsible for the deaths of five. Victor’s fruitless attempt at being God cost him his family, happiness, and himself. Even though Victor had not planned for it to happen this way, the results speak for themselves. Playing God leads to destruction and has consequences. Shelly’s purpose of writing the novel is to show that the mystery of life should be a left
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