Playing Soccer: My Love For The Game

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I don 't consider soccer a sport I play; I consider it a passion of mine. I come from a family that’s not a big fan of any sport except for soccer. This made soccer the most important sport in my life. I grew up in an environment enthusiastic about soccer. I have loved soccer ever since I can remember which can be since I took my first steps. If I was not playing soccer with my dad and brothers, I would watch games with my grandpa on TV. My dad was a soccer coach and, I grew up going to practices and watching him coach many teams until I was old enough to play on one of his teams. He always told me he wasn’t my dad during the game, he was a coach first and a dad second. As I grew older, I would go to my basement or my backyard to kick a ball around. My dad had the greatest influence on me and, inspired my competitive nature and my love for the game. Whenever I was upset at home or overwhelmed from school, I would take my ball and find a quiet place to practice. As I kicked the ball around and shot at a small goal post my grandpa bought for me, I felt relieved and all of my worries melt away. When I started playing soccer, it was a sport me and my family was passionate about but soon; it was an escape for me when I was down. The stories of How Reading Changed My Life and For the Love of Books are both similar to my story. In both stories, the authors loved to read books because it was something they were passionate about. Reading books brought excitement, joy, and a sense of
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