Playing Sports: Young Children In Competitive Sports

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Young Children In Competitive Sports

Do you want your kids to be active and healthy? If you answered yes then sign your kids up for competitive sports. Sports are proven to improve kids health and physical activity. Sports are a thing that most parents look at as just an activity to go and have fun and good with their friends and have a good time but no, sports are much more than a game. Competitive sports are a learning tool that give children a chance to play, have fun and advance there skill in order to increase their opportunity to play in college. Most all kids have goals or dreams of playing in college or even at a pro level and playing competitive sports at a young age increases their chances of doing so.
Competitive sports at a young
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It is a proven fact that competitive sports help kids or make them more likely to succeed. Regardless of the sport your kids plays there are basic fundamentals that are learned and repeated and with each practice athletes become more confident in their abilities. Kids also stay active and in shape when play sports because most kids that are going to play sports want to at least try and win and they cannot do so if they are not in shape and performing to the best of their ability to give the team there best chances of winning together as a unit. Children who participate in sports might also be more aware of healthy food choices. Although sports participation is an excellent avenue to promote health and wellness. Playing sports at a young age also keeps kids very discipline. Most coaches aren 't going to put up with behavior or academic problems when coaching a team because the coaches really aren 't coaching the kids to become better athletes they are coach them to become better young…show more content…
Competitive sports can also benefit kids social skills. Sports help kids with their social skills because it gives them a chance to interact with kids there own age and lets them learn how to work together. They work with each other by coming together as a team or a unit to play the game they love. They learn to win and lose as a team and that can help them throughout their life because they are going to win and lose at life to but losing can benefit them in much more ways than winning because it 's how you come back and recover after losing and sports gives kids the opportunity to know what that is like. Sports can also help kids learn to interact and take direct orders from adults and how to follow directions. To be successful on the athletic field and in life kids are going to need to be able to listen to given directions or orders and take them and apply them to whatever there are doing to try and be the best at whatever they are doing. Whether the kid listens to the directions or not will show on the athletic field because the end result will not be what was expected or the goal or task will not be met. One other benefit from sports is it builds leadership and communication skills that can help them in school and in life. To be successful in athletics you have to communicate with each other and to do so you need to be able to block out whatever else is going on and focus on communicating with teammates and working towards your goal. Also to be successful as
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