Tom Walker's Greed: A Short Story Of Greed

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Have you ever been tempted to say or do something? I believe everyone has been tempted at some point in their life. Tom Walker and his wife were both tempted by the devil himself; he tempted them with money in return for their souls. The thing is if you’re going to make a deal with the devil, don’t expect to win. Greed, you’ve heard the word used in several different ways, but here greed is where someone wants all of something for him/herself. They say that money is the root of all evil, which in this case is true. Playing the devil’s game is like losing a poker game, you lost before it even started. The setting of the story is in the 1720s and in New England. People experienced poverty in these times, which meant there was a lot of greed among the communities. Tom Walker and his wife lived in poverty together, while agreeing to cheat each other out of anything. His wife was a boisterous, shrewd woman, who often physically harmed Tom. One day Tom took a shortcut to get home, which was a dumb idea because it got him lost. He had walked for a long time before he stopped to rest, poking at the ground absentmindedly for some time, he hit something. Reaching down to pick up the object, he realized it was a skull. He kicked the skull, but as he did a voice said “Let that…show more content…
All the thematical decisions he made kept the story intriguing, and mystifying. Being tempted by something you want is not fun, but you can overcome by telling yourself that the consequences are not worth it. In the story of Anastasia, Rasputin a power envying mad man sold his soul for the power to kill the entire royal Romanov family. In the end Rasputin was killed by princess Anastasia. Temptations are scary and hard to resist, but you can do it if you have faith in yourself, and if you believe that you can overcome
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