Case Study: Sony Playstation Network Outage

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PlayStation network outage: The Sony PlayStation network is an entertainment service where gamers can play games online, download games and access other services like music, television and movie streaming.
The PlayStation network was hacked between April 17 and April 19, 2011, which forced Sony to shut down the entire network. The network outage lasted 23 days. Sony confirmed that personally identifiable information and credit card information from 77 million accounts may have been exposed. Various governments voiced concern over the theft of information and Sony’s one-week delay before warning its users.
Sony announced a “Welcome Back” for customers affected by the outage. Sony offered various free games and a month of
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Researchers found out that it was possible to trick the computer or server on the other end through the heartbeat to divulge secret information. This information could be garbage or it could contain sensitive information like server master keys, passwords, etc. The problem was that this process could be repeated again and again and again until the person got what he or she was looking for. Anyone with a basic understanding of programming could exploit the vulnerability. The bug has been present since 2012, so hackers could have been accessing information for about 2 years without anyone knowing about it. There’s nothing users can do to protect themselves if they visit a vulnerable website. Since 66% of the internet runs on OpenSSL, there is a pretty good chance you accessed one of those websites. Affected websites have been able to fix the problem, and users can protect themselves by changing their passwords after the website has fixed the problem. The Heartbleed bug could be one of the biggest, widespread vulnerabilities in the history of the modern

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