Plea Bargaines Case Study

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When a person enters into a plea bargain agreement after coviented of a crime, that person who is being prosecuted have to make importants decisions. One of the most key decisions is how that person plead (Guilty or Not).“A plea is formal statement made on behalf of an accused person or made by the accused in court in response to the charge made against him” (Martin, 2003). Before a defendant plea Guilty or Not he/she have to enters into a plea bargains. A plea bargains are an agreement in a criminal case between the accuse person (defendant) and prosecutor usually involves the defendant pleading guilt in order to get reduced sentence, in stead of the case going before a jury. When a defendant accept a plea bargain he/she is giving up their Sixth Amendment to the United State Constituation. The Sixth…show more content…
Ruiz 2002, when immigration agents founded 30kg of marijuana in Angela Ruiz’s baggage (defendant) she was arrested and charged with importing marijuana from Mexico to the United State. Ruiz’s regular sentencing was range to twelve to eighteen months. However, a United State federal prosecutor for the Southern District of California presented Ruiz a “ fast track” plea bargain. The condition for the plea agreement required Ruiz to plead guilty within thirty days of her court appearance. In addition Ruiz would give up her right to a “ fair” trial if the cases goes to trial but on the other hand, Ruiz would spend less time in prison the crime. However, Ruiz did not accept the “ fast track” agreement because she believed the agreement was unconstitional to her rights. Ruiz was able to get her “ fair trial” under the Sixth Amendent. During, the trial Ruiz pled guilty to the charges of marijuana and requested the “ fast track” plea agreement that was offer to her. Unfortuanly, Ruiz was denied the “ fast track” plea agreement due to Ruiz’s failure to signing the plea agreement. Ultimately, Ruiz was sentenced to eighteen months in

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