Plea Bargaining In The Criminal Justice System

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The United States criminal justice system is riddled with cases of many varieties. Some have obvious outcomes while others warrant more detailed analysis. However, some cases go beyond the court into other courts, where they are decided, such as Jackson versus Hobbs in 2012. The courts try to lighten the load of cases they have by offering plea bargaining, an agreement among a defendant and a prosecutor in which the defendant pleads guilty to a charge that is less severe than what he or she is initially charged for in the hopes that clemency will be administered. Sometimes, however, people accused of a crime are completely innocent, and it is not until technology is released, such as DNA testing, decades later that these people are proved to…show more content…
There are cases stacked upon cases that must be attended to daily, while at the same time, crimes are being committed. The court system has trouble keeping up, and in order to cease long, drawn out trials, plea bargaining has been allowed in the criminal justice system. This is useful for both criminally charge individuals along with the courts themselves for several reasons. Most people know the case going on with Jared Fogle, the former representor of Subway. In 2015, Fogle decided to plead guilty to child pornography charges along with crossing state lines to exchange money for sex with a minor (Castillo, 2015). Based on this plea deal, Fogle will likely serve somewhere between five and twelve years in prison, pending approval from the court system. This plea deal also states that the government will recommend fewer than thirteen years in the prison system for the defendant, with Fogle paying a minimum of $100,000 for each victim involved in the case. Plea bargaining is extremely helpful for this case. For one thing, defendants that use plea bargaining can evade the expenses and the time of defending himself or herself at a trail, as well as get around risking a worse sentence and the bad exposure that could cause. In addition, the prosecution also saves time and money by avoiding a long, drawn out trial, and both of the sides do not have to stress about going to the trail. It does not matter which side instigates the plea bargain, whether it be the prosecutor or the defendant, but both sides to have to completely agree with each other before something occurs out of that plea bargain. Because of the circumstances, I believe that justice was served. The victims will be compensated for counseling based on what Fogle did, and Fogle will serve his

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