Pleading Guilty Title Analysis

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Mark was working his normal day job when he was given an assignment to find the missing person and the money that is part of the law firm’s private account. He has to quell the situation and be clandestine with it, so it does not end up on the news. In the novel Pleading Guilty, Mark Malloy has to go on a mission to get back the law firms money and be inveterate searching until everything is found. The title of the book fits the novel for three crucial reasons, which are what happens towards the end of the novel, the setting the court, and Mark hunting down the evidence.
Towards the end of the novel it is apparent that the title fits the novel because of the action Bert (the person who went missing and stole the money) does towards the end of the story, “All of the evidence was pointing towards him; he was whispering with his attorneys and then Bert said the words, the case was over before it started”
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From the quote you can first infer that the person is talking about being in a court because a court is one of the few places that peoples life’s change and then it can be narrowed down to a court because the book title is Pleading Guilty, which can be inferred that it has to do with law and the main setting for law is a court. Also from the quote it shows that Mark does not want Bert to be proven innocent, who to Mark he does not think there is a chance that he will be proven innocent because it can be inferred that Mark is confident in the work he has done to prove Bert guilty to the point where he thinks he can make Bert plead guilty with all the evidence against him. The quote relates to the title of the novel because where Bert will plead guilty to is inside a court. Bert pleading guilty is the last reason why the title fits the
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