Pleasanton: The Importance Of Diversity In High School

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My mom and her family came to the United States from Greece with nothing other than some ambition. Their family of five learned quickly they would have to work in order to provide for themselves. Once my mom and dad met, they decided to move to California. They settled in a small town, located in the Bay Area, named Pleasanton. My brother and I were born and raised here. Pleasanton is known as an affluent city with great schools and great people.

When I was in Kindergarten, my class was primarily white. As time went on, and the schools became more desirable, Pleasanton’s population grew. In middle school, I began to realize the transition from majority white students to a more diverse group. Now in high school, white students are in the minority.
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I am blessed to live in an area with a great deal of diversity. Pleasanton, as well as the whole Bay Area, accepts all religions and or races.

Pleasanton schools specifically, have dramatically changed. Foothill is an extremely competitive school, both sports and academics. Sports in the Bay Area are very cutthroat. There are hundreds of athletes every year that play at the Division One level in college. At Foothill, academics are very important. The competition is high and everyone wants to do the best they
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