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Pleiku: The city of Mountain Heights Introduction Located at an average of 500 - 800 meters above sea level, all year round fog covered the city of Pleiku (province Jalal) has long been known as the "city on the mountain heights.".(34words) Cityscape with continuous ups and downs captures and leaves a deep impression on everyone who came here, it can admire the infinite. This city has one amazing feature - it relieves fatigue. Everyone who came here feels that somewhere there is freshness, lightness, opened its second breath. Visiting Pleiku, tourists like fall into the world of unspoilt nature, where the fresh cool wind felt captivating scent of wild orchids and flowering coffee. And if you're tired of the routine of everyday life, you should be sure to visit these…show more content…
And the idea is, of course, correct. But remember that the European New Year - this is one and the east - is quite another.(46 words) As in many Asian countries, Vietnam manages the lunar new year. It is necessary, it is usually the end of January - on the first day of the first lunar month in the first season of the new year on the lunar calendar (this year - 29 January 2006), and is celebrated for four days. New Year is called Tet Nguyen Dan (Feast of the First Day) or Tet Nguyen There (Feast of the first three).(76 words) Although Tet Nguyen Dan - a family holiday, it is held on a grand scale and is accompanied by celebrations, festivals, fireworks, folk festivals. Foreigners who came to Vietnam for the Lunar New Year, do not remain without entertainment. Just at that time in Vietnam bloom peach and apricot trees, tangerines and almonds. Young branches with delicate, fragrant, spring flowers and decorate all the houses and streets. In the evening, white buds are painted in incredible colors of fireworks, which necessarily carried out in major cities and provinces.(88

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