Plessy V. Ferguson

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Plessy V. Ferguson Case of Plessy v. Ferguson is the case talking about the discrimination that happen between the black race and white race. It starts from Plessy a person who have mix race (not naturally white and not naturally black). Plessy think that in US they abolish the segregation happen in their country but unfortunately people in US still discriminate people base on the race that they have. To check the US especially Lousiana law, he try to buy railway first class ticket which is this ticket is only use for white people only. Since Pressy is mix race so Lousiana citizen think that he is one of black race not white race then he suppose to sit base on the black railway coach not in the first class railway coach. Because Plessy want…show more content…
Ferguson case is important for US because this case has establish the “Separate but equal” clause to the US citizens. By that clause it makes the citizens have a wrong doctrine about the meaning of those sentences. They more likely to do a segregation, because of the black race in inferior they think they the facility that they have from the state is bad like in public transportation they get at the back area of the railway coach and the toilet are bad, but in public area that used by the white race the facility are more exclusive there is a cafe in the railway coach and get more exclusive service from the railway waiter. That wrong doctrine make US citizens make the segregation legal in united states and the black race still gate discrimination. What make the Justice felt that they were justified in ruling the way they did? It is because they have right to do it and they have some reason shows if both race cannot be in the same place because there will be a problem if they become in the same area so then the supreme court want to make a peace between both race than they separate them like in transportation, while actually the government give same facility for both race since the white race usually have more money than black race than they seems like get more good facilities than black race and it dose not mean the white race can discriminate the black race. At the end the Plessy v. Ferguson make the segregation are legal because of the wrong doctrine that made by the sentence “Separate but
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