Plessy V Ferguson Speech Analysis

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After World War II, civil rights became an increasingly important topic in American politics. The landmark case of Plessy v. Ferguson had set a precedent for legal segregation and Jim Crow laws thrived in the South. Racism ran rampant across the country, affecting the lives of millions. This become increasingly problematic as America tried to convert more nations to democracy but lacked equality at home. President Harry S. Truman recognized this issue, and acknowledged that we could not support democracy in other countries while we allowed legal racism at home. Truman also recognized the harm caused by racism and supported the idea of a more equal nation, despite having been raised in a Southern community surrounded by racial prejudice. Truman became the first President to address the NAACP in a speech he gave on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. In this speech Truman spoke on the necessity of ending discrimination and lynching at the poles. Truman also worked to integrate…show more content…
The Freedom Rides, integrated interstate buses driving throughout the south in protest of segregation, were attacked along their route. A mob of anti-immigration protesters firebombed a bus and physically assaulted its riders. Kennedy had originally refused to meet with the Freedom Riders, but was then forced to send in 400 federal marshals to protect the buses and their occupants. Kennedy often had a hesitant initial response to civil rights protest, this can be seen in his refusal to meet with the Freedom Riders and his original discouragement of the March on Washington. Despite this, Kennedy was beneficial to the Civil Rights movement on a whole. He went on to support the March on Washington, and sent the national guard to protect students integrating schools, and appointed 40 African Americans to federal
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