Plot Analysis Of 'The Other Side Of Midnight'

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Chapter 2- Plot Analysis of "The Other Side of Midnight

Noelle is a pretty girl born to a poor family. Because of her beauty, her father continuously calls her a princess. One day, her father arranges her to become the mistress of Auguste Lanchon, a rich boutique owner. Noelle is forced to sleep with Lanchon. During the intercourse, she realizes that she can control men. She influence Lanchon to give her a sum of money, and then escapes to Paris. There, she fell in love with American RAF pilot Lawrence "Larry" Douglas, who proposes to her before parting for another mission, promising to marry her when he returns. However, when he doesn 't come back, she discovers that he has forgotten about her and is with other women.
Catherine was born
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Costa come to see Noelle in jail, telling that he hated her when he found out about their affair, but realizes that he loves her and tells her that he will use his power to get her out. On the last day of the trial, Costa 's lawyer, Napoleon Chotas, informs Larry, Noelle, and Larry 's lawyer about a agreement Costa had made with the court: if they beg guilty, Larry will be sent back to America to serve three months in jail and will not be able to come back to Greece while Noelle 's passport will be taken from her, and she will live in Costa 's villa. They agree to plead guilty. However, they realize that they are tricked when the judge acknowledges that the case against them was frail because the body was never found, and that they would have been free if they pleaded not guilty. They are sentenced to death, and as Noelle walks out, she sees Costa looking happy. Noelle and Larry are executed.
Meanwhile, Costa contribute a large sum of money to a nunnery near the sea. He is introduced to their latest member, a woman who was found on the shore with no memory at all. In the prologue of the novel, he reminded himself to take note of Catherine 's favorite flower, and gives the same flower to the woman, implied to be Catherine, and tells her that all the bad people are
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