Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit Summary

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PLOT STRUCTURE Oranges are not the Only Fruit is a story of Jeanette, a young female preacher, who was exorcised by her mother and other members of the Pentecostal Church congregation when they found out that she fell in love with another woman. For them, ‘These children of God have fallen under Satan’s spell” (p.104) for they have given in to their “undermined passion” (check if the term is correct then insert page) The novel is divided into eight sections, with the titles of the first eight books of the Bible in the Old Testament, from Genesis to Ruth. This corresponds to the phases of Jeanette's life, from her childhood to adulthood (please note whether you want your sentences to be in present or past tense) Chapter 1: Genesis Genesis in the Bible is the beginning or the creation of the world and man. In the novel, it is where Winterson creates the ‘world’ of the characters and who they are in the story. Many religious references from the New Testament were used to create imagery to better tell the story. An example would be the star that led Jeanette’s mother to her crib which resembles the star of Bethlehem that once led the Magi to Jesus Christ. Another is that Jeanette’s mother sees the adoption similar to the Immaculate Conception because she was able to acquire a child without being involved…show more content…
This is mirrored in the novel through Jeanette’s withdrawal from the confines of home when she started attending school. She discovers that there is a world outside the one that was created by her mother. Same with the Bible that has prophets, Elsie Norris also serves as one when she came to Jeanette’s life. Unlike Jeanette’s mother who only read the Bible and Jane Eyre, which she eventually finds boring, she enjoys being with Elsie because she exposes her to a different world through the works of literature by quoting the works by Yeats, Blake, and
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