Plot And Subplot In William Shakespeare's King Lear

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There are two plots in the play, a main plot and a subplot. King Lear and his three daughters carry out the main plot. On the other hand, Earl of Gloucester and his two sons are the focus of the subplot. Since the first act concludes with the main plot, the second act starts off with Edmund at Gloucester’s castle. Edmund advances the plot by tricking Gloucester into believing that Edgar is after him. Edmund creates a dramatic scene by convincing Edgar to flee away, and then later cuts himself to pretend that Edgar attempted to murder him because Edmund refused to kill Gloucester. Gloucester arrives quickly and sends servants to pursuit Edgar. Gloucester’s anger is evident as he claims that Edgar will be captured and punished as he also promises that Edmund will become the heir of his land; “May have due note of him, and of my land / Loyal and natural boy, I’ll work the means / To make thee capable.” (2.1.83-85). Later on, Edgar seems to recognize that an only way to survive shall be “To take the basest and most poorest shape” (2.3.7). Since the two plots are parallel to each other, King Lear’s family goes through a major demolition as now both of his daughters are against him. Lear enters the act in scene four when he finds out that his nobleman, Kent, remains put in stocks for misbehavior towards Oswald, Goneril’s steward. King Lear suffers through mixed emotions in this scene. He seems very humble towards Regan because he wants to stay with Regan since Goneril previously

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